Battalion News


Friday Feb. 24 - Saturday Feb. 25

Friday Evening

8-10pm – Pistol Ammunition, Musket Ammunition, Quill Pen 


9am – Guidelines for Battalion Events – Amend

9:30am – Camp Layout – Keith

10am – Drill – Amend, Shuster

10:30am – Break – Quill pen practice

11am – Morning Parade – Visser

11:30am-1pm  – Lunch (On your own, several eating establishments close-by)

1pm – Break Out Sessions – Duties for Officer – Visser, Shuster/Duties for NCO – Sutton, Keith

2pm – Battalion Paperwork – Sutton, Visser

2:30pm – New Uniform Evolutions – Amend, Visser

3pm – Break Out Session - Saber Drill – Keith, Shuster / Bayonet Fix/Stack – Sutton, Visser

3:30pm – Break, Quill pen practice

4pm – Review, Wrap-up, Comments

5pm – Dismiss 

All participants need to bring:

Hat, Uniform Coat – Optional

NCO – Leather gear, bayonet, musket

Officer – Saber Belt, Saber, Officers Haversack(if you have one)

Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Snacks (Ice will be available)

Bedding if spending the night Friday

Any Odds and Ends you might want to sell

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